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Post Harvest Technologies

Controlled Atomosphere Systems

To store fruits for some duration you need refrigeration and to extend this duration by 2 to 3 folds you need a controlled atmosphere (CA) storage solution. In CA, fruit specific Oxygen (O2), Carbon dioxide (CO2) and Ethylene (C2H4) is maintained along with temperature for the very maximum storage duration.

Controlled Atomosphere Systems
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After years of research and development we have launched completely indigenised Controlled Atmosphere (CA) storage solutions for the long term storage of fruits and vegetables. We provide the latest technology which has now become a benchmark for these systems for Indian conditions. The solutions are cost effective that will cost you approximately 1600 to 1900 Rs. / Ton for facilities of 5000MT to 2500 MT.

The CA system consists of the following components :

Controlled Atomosphere Systems

Features :

Specifications :
Model CA Capacityin MT Maximum number of chambers N2 Generator flow in m3 /hr CO2 Scrubber Air Compressor Flow in m3 / hr @ 10 to 13 Kg / cm2 Gas Analyzer Skid Size
l x w x h (meters)
Connected load in kW
Output @ 5% O2 Output @ 1% O2 Scrubbing capacity in Kg of CO2 per day Scrubbing vessels
CSL-CAS-100 NCG 100 12 5 1 75 1 20 Room O2, CO2, Ethylene and Ammonia (optional) 2.7 x 2 x 2 5
CSL-CAS-500 NCG 500 12 7.5 1.5 75 1 30 2.7 x 2 x 2 6
CSL-CAS-1000 NCG 1000 12 10 2 125 1 50 2 x 2.7 x 2 8
CSL-CAS-2500 NCG 2500 12 40 5 250 2 160 4 x 2.7 x 2 35
CSL-CAS-5000 NCG 5000 12 80 16 500 2 300 5 x 2.7 x 2 70
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Palletized CA

With Palletized CA you can :
Palletized CA
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What is Palletized Controlled Atmosphere (CA)?
Palletized CA is a compact CA where the commodities are stored in specialized pallets with a simple transparent bag to cover the pallet to make it air tight. Think of this as a bigger version of modified atmosphere packaging of a bag of chips or vegetables, where the sealed air composition of the bag is prefixed that gives an extended shelf life to the packed commodity. Once sealed, these pallets are kept in cold store under controlled atmosphere conditions until the product is ready to market.

Why go for Palletized CA?

The storage system proves to be flexible where the user can store commodity as per availability and harvest. User can also sell the commodity stock as per market conditions and requirement without disrupting CA in other pallets.

Control is faster in Palletized CA as free air volume is negligible inside the pallet bags. The controlling of gas composition is quick, precise and conditions are met immediately.

Product-specific atmosphere can be achieved in individual pallets hence this system is perfectly suitable for wide range of fruits and vegetables to be stored under CA conditions in the same cold room.

Cost Effective
Palletized CA does not require CO2 & Ethylene scrubbers, air tight rooms and specialized CA doors. The cost of operation will depend on the number of pallets the user uses for storage. This makes palletized CA cheaper both in terms of capital investment and running cost.

Single or multiple pallets can easily be removed or added to the system without affecting the conditions of the other pallets.

With Palletized CA commodities can be stored into pallets immediately after harvest within 1 to 2 hours. As soon as the precooling is achieved Oxygen pulldown in next 5 hours and 2 can be introduced directly from high purity cylinders.

What does Palletized CA comprise of?
Palletized CA is very cost effective and suitable for various size growers and traders. Different type of fruit and vegetables can be stored in a product-specific atmosphere in a common room and will help to supply the highest quality and the correct quantity on market demand.

Modified Atmosphere

According to the FDA, modified atmosphere packaging "involves either actively or passively controlling or modifying the atmosphere surrounding the product within a package made of various types and/or combinations of films." There are two different kinds of modified atmosphere packaging, Passive and active. We have solutions for active Modified Atmosphere Packing (MAP) where the gases in the package are displaced and replaced by a desired mixture of gases. Our solution includes MAP analyzers, MAP gas mixtures and scrubbers for modified atmosphere cold storages.

Modified Atmosphere
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MAP Analyzers:
We have online analyzers for cold rooms and also benchtop analyzers for sampling from modified atmosphere packaging bags.

Our cold room analyser can monitor CO2 and Ethylene levels in every cold room through room sampling principle and control the CO2 and Ethylene scrubbers. The centralized panel can monitor up to 10 rooms. If required the same panel can monitor other cold room parameters such as room ambient temperature and RH. All parameters can be monitored, controlled and data logged through our SCADA on the customers PC.

Our Benchtop analyser can sample gas from a MAP bag with the help of a needle and a miniature vacuum pump with low flow rates much as 60 ml/min. The analyzer can analyze CO2, O2 and Ethylene in as low as 30 seconds. The analysed parameters can be datalogged with timestamp and batch number for quality assurance. For more details please go to Bench Top Gas Analyzers.

MAP Gas mixtures:
For packing of commodities in Modified Atmosphere Packaging bags we can provide premix gas cylinders with compositions specified by you. The cylinders that are used for the MAP gases mixtures are conditioned and sterilized to remove all the impurities and VOC to maintain food grade gas standards. The cylinder is also tracked to make sure no industrial mixture or gases are filled in it to maintain premium quality of the mixture.

Various compositions premix gas mixtures are as follows:
Sr. No. Gas type Gas mixture Cylinder Purity
1 Mono Gas 100 % CO2 10 litre, 47 litre and 50litre Food grade
2 100 % N2
3 Dual Gas 10% CO2, balance N2
4 5% CO2, balance N2
5 3% CO2, balance N2
6 2% CO2, balance N2
7 1 % CO2, balance N2
8 Triple Gas 10% CO2, 5% O2, balance N2
9 5% CO2, 5% O2, balance N2
10 3% CO2, 3% O2, balance N2
11 2% CO2, 2% O2, balance N2
12 1 % CO2, 1% O2, balance N2

We can provide you custom mixture for research and studies.

MAP Scrubber:
For converting your existing cold storage in to Modified Atmosphere cold storages we offer CO2 scrubbers and Ethylene scrubbers.

CO2 Scrubbers:
Some commodities have higher respiration rate and hence higher amount of CO2 is generated. When these commodities are stored in bulk in cold storages they build up higher concentration of CO2 will lead to anaerobic respiration, degrading fruits texture firmness and colour. To avoid degrading quality of stored commodity we manufacture CO2 scrubbers and this product is primarily used for Potato, Apple and Carrot cold storages. The advantages of CO2 scrubber in the cold room are:

Ethylene Scrubbers:
For storing commodities which are very sensitive to Ethylene we have Ethylene scrubber which filters out the Ethylene generated by the commodity. The scrubber will help maintain Ethylene within 5 ppm in the room. The scrubbers are based on Ethylene absorber granules and needs to be changed after 3 to 5 months of using the scrubber.


Model Fruit Capcityin MT Cold storage Volume in m3 Adsorbergranule capacity in Kg Connected Load in kW
CSL ES 100 0 - 100 Up to 750 12.5 1
CSL ES 200 101 - 200 Up to 1500 25 2

Memberane Based N2 Generator

We are the manufacturers of membrane based nitrogen generators that gives constant flow of high quality nitrogen at a low operating cost. The Nitrogen generators have various applications across many industries such as:
Memberane Based N2 Generator
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Model Operating pressure in Kg/Cm2 N2 outout in m3/hr
@ 5 % O2 @ 1 % O2 @ 0.5 % O2
Model CSL-N2G-10M3A 10-13 10 2 1
Model CSL-N2G-20M3A 10-13 20 5 2
Model CSL-N2G-40M3A 10-13 40 15 5
Model CSL-N2G-60M3A 10-13 60 20 10

CO2 Scrubbers

When a commodity respires it consumes O2 and produces CO2. If the concentration of carbon dioxide gets too high, the quality of the fruit deteriorates. A CO2 scrubber can prevent by removing the carbon dioxide from your storage rooms and ensures that the fruit retains its optimum quality.

A CO2 scrubber removes CO2 from gastight cold stores for fruit and vegetable storage. The amount of carbon dioxide that must be scrubbed depends on factors like type of product, the dimensions of the storage area and the conditions under which the commodity is being stored. Once the scrubbing requirement for the connected storage cells is known, the desired level of carbon dioxide can be maintained using the CO2 scrubber. Activated carbon CO2 scrubbers are a more energy-efficient method for CO2 control than molecular sieve absorber (MSA) units.

In an activated carbon scrubber, the activated carbon bed is loaded into the scrubber vessel. The room air with CO2 is made to pass through the activated carbon bed. Activated carbon adsorbs has selective adsorption that binds CO2 and allows purified air to be reintroduced into the air. The scrubber has 2 activity cycle.

- Scrub cycle / adsorption cycle: removal of the carbon dioxide
- Purge cycle / regeneration cycle: cleaning or regenerating the active carbon filter.

CO2 Scrubbers
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Model Room loading capacity in MT Activated Carbon in Kgs No. of Vessels Connected Load in kW
CSL-CAS-100NCG 100 250 1 2.5
CSL-CAS-250NCG 250 500 2 5
CSL -AS-500NCG 500 1000 1 5.5
CSL-CAS-1000NCG 1000 2000 2 12

CA Accessories

Sensor Module
Temperature is a crucial parameter for controlled atmosphere systems, so it us very important to monitor, control and data log temperature. Our sensor module enables user to record ambient as well as 4 other temperature from four zones inside the cold room.


Breather Bags
Breather bags / buffer bags / lungs acts as air buffer to safeguard CA chambers from negative pressure which can induce air leakages in the cold room. Breather bag stores CA air which is required during CO2 scrubbing and helps in maintaining optimum level of O2.


Safety Valves
Safety relief vales keep the CA chamber safe from high and low pressure which are developed during CA operations. Our relief valves are based on simple weight based principles guaranteeing lifelong service free operation.


Alcohol based manometers to monitor chamber pressure during room testing and controlled atmosphere applications.


CA Accessories
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Post Harvest Research Chamber

Post Harvest Research Chamber
Post Harvest Research Chamber
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Sustainable solutions for research organizations in the field of post-harvest technologies such as institutes, KVKS, UASs and local agricultural bodies.

It can be used for:


Sensing and Control Parameters:
Sr. No. Sensor Range Status Quantity
1 Ethylene 10 - 50000 PPB or 0.01 - 50.0 PPM Online 1
2 CO2 0.0 - 5.0 % Online 1
3 Oxygen 0.0 - 25.0% Online 1
4 Temperature 0.0 - 50.0 ⁰C Online 1
5 RH 0 - 100 % Online 1
6 Temperature PULP 0.0 - 50.0 ⁰C Portable 1
7 Ethylene 0 - 500 PPM Portable 1

Potato / Mushroom Controller

Potato / Mushroom Controller
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An automatic controller which precisely monitors and controls Temperature, RH and CO2 for optimal growth of mushroom indoors.

The control panel features are as follows:

CO2 exhaust system:


CA Accessories

CA Accessories

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